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Lalaloopsy Doll Nail Art

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HelloOoOo Gorgeous ladies...!

I hope you guys are enjoying life just like me..:) 
Today i have an informative + cute post for you which is about lalalopsy doll well i was searching for making cute kinda doll on my nails for long and finally i came across lalalopsy dolls seriously they are really cute so i tried them on my nails..
In this post you will find a brief history of these dolls also pics of my little effort hope you will enjoy so please continue reading....:)

History of  lalalopsy dolls:

Lalalopsy dolls are kind of rag dolls which were actually launched in 2010 and were popular during 2010 holiday season.There real name at the time of launch was Bitty button which was later changed to lalalopsy dolls.Their tag line was "sew magic-sew cute".

What do they represent??

Their object was to promote creativity and imagination in children.Each character represents the fabric from which they are made.

Nail Art:

ok i guess its enough lets get to the point and let me show you how was my try so here are the pics

lalaloopsy doll

lalaloopsy doll

lalaloopsy doll

yeah i did this on eid the other two days i was so lazy to do anything so i just kept my nails plain...

Things i used:

  • i simply used NX black nail paint for the detailing
  • i used Golden Rose nail lacquer(no 49) for the doll's face
  • for blue headed doll i used sweet touch 1044
  • for purple headed doll i used etude pp 904 and for its detailing i used tony & teena (no 71)
  • For the clips i used etude no rd 105
  • on other nails i used sweet touch pink nail paint no 1043 for stripes i used the same purple colour of tony & teena no 71.
  • i made this doll with the help of my stripper and dotting tool.
Have you ever tried these dolls on your nails, or you are going to try this???did you find these dolls cute???
who is your favorite dolls?? 
Do send me pics if you tried any of my nail art or your own nail art i will make sure i post them...:)
If you have any request feel free to ask me..:)
want to write a post on this blog do contact me..:)
Dont forget to follow me on social networks...:)
Have a nice day...:)


    1. Awww, sweet!

      Great post, Thanks for sharing!

      Hugs, Brittany, xx

      1. thank you so much for your sweet comment Brittany..:)
        have a lovely day...:)

    2. So cute... I want to try that. but nit sure, because I'm not good at applying nail polish :(

      1. Marcella dear keep practicing and one day you will succed..:)

    3. love this nail art!♥ cute blog!:) I'm following you on bloglovin(petra lorencov√°) and google+ (petra lorietta)♥ you can follow me back if you'd like;) have a nice day!

      My Bloglovin profile

      1. Thank you so much dear following yoy back..:)

    4. nice post, I Love it <3

      1. Thanks dear following you hope you will do the same..:)

    5. Wow...great blog and unique post... like this....

    6. These are cute!

    7. Hi I have just nominated your cool blog for the Liebster Award!

    8. You have such good nail art skills! Such a delight reading your blog :)
      followed you on GFC, hoping you'll follow back! xx

    9. I love painting my nails and trying out different styles but these are so adorable I don't think in that good!haha! Live your blog!

      Harian x.

      1. thanks a lot for your sweet comment dear..:)
        well dear u know what when i started doing nail art i dont know how to even paint my nails but i never gave up and just kept on practicing and now i not perfect but quite better so i would suggest you to keep on practicing..:)
        btw following you hope you will do the same

    10. These are so cool! your really good at nail art, i'm awful! please check out my blog?

      1. thanks sweety will check out you blog for sure :)

    11. a very nice idea haniya...keep it up ^_^

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    Thank you :D

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